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The system


Professionally clean your carpet and upholstery on your own and at low cost - it's that simple

Hygienic cleanliness is what a well-kept home stands for. The clean and care of your carpets, upholstery, mattresses and car seats with tuba clean is quite easy and eco-friendly with the result of hygienic cleanliness at low cost.
Even heavy soil and odours are thoroughly dissolved and removed. Your fabrics and fibres are treated gently with colours to get refreshed up.

According to scientific studies regular vacuum cleaning alone does not help removing deep soiling and harmful mite allergens deep in the fibres being a health risk for your family, as these impurities are not only unhygienic but may also cause allergies.

The solution: Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning and care using the unique tuba clean system.

How spray extraction works:
Das Sprühextraktionsprinzip

tuba clean considerably reduces the mite allergens causing the house-dust allergy and does not leave any harmful residues for human and animal. A hygienic cleanliness that makes your family to feel at ease again.

The tuba clean cleaning system consists of 6 components: The tuba clean spray extraction carpet cleaner and 5 cleaning and care products for individual use. The tuba clean cleaning system is really easy to use and will be realized in three steps:

Areas of heavy traffic and heavy soil should be pre-treated with the tuba clean pre-cleaner for an even cleaning result.

Tenacious stains (caused by coffee, tea, cocoa, red and white wine, ink, marker, and ball pen, grease, shoe polish, rust, urine, fruit and vegetables) should be removed by the tuba clean pre-spotter.

The tuba clean pre-spotter may also apply without subsequent basic cleaning at any time.

Use the tuba clean main detergent or the tuba clean upholstery cleaner together with the tuba clean spray extraction cleaner for basic cleaning. The special cleaning agents are sprayed deep into the fabrics and fibres. In the same operation you vacuum the solution together with the loosed soil.

Spray on the tuba clean intensive impregnating agent and just let it dry. That's it.


Your carpets, rugs, upholstery, mattresses, and car seats are hygienically clean again and they are effectively protected from immediate resoiling!

The tuba clean products do not leave any harmful residues and are recommended by allergy sufferers as well as families with children and animals.